4 Signs That You Should Walk Away From Your Psychic

Are Psychics Real Or Fake: 4 Signs To Walk Away

Are psychics real or fake, here are some hints to tell the difference.

The Better Business Bureau can answer, are psychics real or fake.

There are various psychic services online and via phone. So, what I do since I’ve been faked is to check the company name with the Better Business Bureau first. I know some people may not even bother complaining about unsatisfying psychic services so this may be a long shot. Moreover, not all psychic companies are listed with the bureau.

However, it is still worth the try. A company that is not listed with the Better Business Bureau is understandable but one that has a D rating is alarming. That’s how I tell they may have done far worse that giving inaccurate readings.

Are Psychics Real Or Fake In Clearing Out Curses?

I have encountered one who tells me all the mishaps in my life are caused by a curse. And she convincingly asked me about people whom I may have wronged. It got me thinking for a second and I was buying his curse drama when she told me she can clear the curse for a fee.

She further explains it will take her a lot of energy and that the process requires the use of special candles and crystals. This is in her effort to justify the extra charge. I was in complete shock. I told her no thanks. Cursed or not, it was clearly a sign for me to walk away so I did.

The point is no genuine psychic would make such a bold statement about curses causing misfortunes. Their job is to simply read. No psychic in her right mind would claim or even try clearing out curses.

Keep Away From Psychics Who Promise Things Will Happen For You

Yes, it does sound sweet and it can be pretty believable for a desperate individual. But then again, the job of a psychic involves reading fortunes and not to summon supernatural powers to make your wishes come true. Real or fake, psychics certainly cannot call upon lady luck to bless you with wealth, love life or whatever it is they think you need.

Finally, Trust Your Instincts.
Before the internet and phone psychics came about, I had this fondness in walking in to just about every psychic office I can find. Some make an effort to create an atmosphere so things become more believable. But based on experience, the more outrageous and fancy the environment is, the more fake they are.

Online or via phone, you may have encountered psychics who make an effort to change their voices or phrase their statements in a way that makes you want to believe what they’re saying are true. But for me, real psychics do not have to make that kind of effort or go out of their way to do those ridiculous things. It is more of gut-feel sometimes. So, if you are wondering are psychics real or fake, I suggest you try to read on them as much as they try to read for you.