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The main disadvantage of the Reedy Fp-30 Digital Stage Piano is that it does not provide a great deal of flexibility in the fingering scheme of the piano. They will allow for up to eight different fingering schemes but they are very limited. They also do not feature a lot of in-depth instructions, so you’ll find it a little difficult to become good at playing the piano in their mode.link https://musicuniversecentral.com/roland-fp-30-digital-stage-piano-review/

Fp-30 Piano Brands And Review

Another problem is that the Reedy Fp-30 piano does not support a wide range of keys. They have all of the standard F-holes, but they do not allow for the right hand to be used for other keys, such as the G and E. This is a huge problem for many beginning piano players, as they don’t know what keys to use for them and often find themselves with a lot of trouble when using them in the future.

Another negative point is the fact that the Reedy Fp-30 has limited fingering options. They come only in C, D, E, and G, the rest of the keys are either a C and a D and a G. With a little practice it is possible to play them but not really as well as you would like to.