Physiotherapy Tweed Heads – Relieve Pain Caused by Broken Limbs

If you have been injured at work and seek physiotherapy, the first thing you will need to do is find out what equipment and support you will require for your treatment. Depending on the severity of your injury, a physiotherapist may suggest that you receive physiotherapy using specially designed equipment such as physiotherapy tweed heads. Tweed heads are designed to help with many types of injuries, including broken limbs, muscle cramps, sprains and more. They are also used by some patients who have had spinal cord injuries and are in need of spinal support.

Many of these patients feel extremely uncomfortable whilst receiving physiotherapy and using a head net or splint. This is because they can become very hot and sore and this in turn makes it difficult for them to relax during their therapy session. If a physiotherapist offers to cover your head using a head net, it is important that you ask him or her if the head net is washable and if so how often it can be removed.

Many patients find that the stress of physiotherapy treatments can lead to further pain in the joints. As a result, they may choose to wear head braces after physiotherapy sessions. These head braces are made from high quality medical materials and are comfortable for patients to wear. Head braces help to reduce the risk of strain and pressure being placed on the neck, shoulders and more specifically the lower back. In addition, they can also help relieve any pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is responsible for low back pain and sciatica.