The Satta King Record Chart

Satta King

In order to properly read or download satta kuda-potipatti chart data king chart. These are the very traditional reference materials that are used when doing data kuda-milati. The process of making these reference materials begin with the making of an embroidery hoop (satta rimai), a fabric used as a background for designs and patterns. The fabric is then cut into the desired shape and size using the threading tool. Once this is done, the design or pattern can be placed inside the hoop and loosely secured using a rubber band.

The Satta Kuda-Rama is a rich source of fortune telling stories, mostly focusing on the various aspects of the material world such as the rice seasons, crops, rains, Feng Shui, etc. The main characters of the story are mainly a Chinese merchant (called a “kuda”) & his wife, who are searching for a young son in the streets (called a “ruru”). The story describes their journey to find the young boy which they manage to do by chance, much to the surprise of their merchant’s wife. The couple then travels to the kingdom of Kuda, where they meet the King and his queen (called a “mura”). The king immediately recognizes the boy as the rightful heir to the throne, and the mura decides to free the boy from his father’s custody so that he may marry the princess.

As told in the legend, the black Satta King Game has been a part of the Philippines’ history since the early days of Spanish rule. During those times, the game was often used as a means of settling some disputes between the different families & groups. Among the most popular of these disputes were those concerning territory, marriage & divorce, power, wealth, etc. As the story goes, the merchant and his wife started playing the game because they couldn’t agree on any of these matters, causing them to be locked in a room for several days. When they were finally able to discuss their issues, their disagreement ignited a fire that spread throughout the entire kingdom, resulting in the Satta King being established.