Weed Bracelet Pipe – A Unique Collectible Item

An example of a weed bracelet pipe is a hand made item that was created in a Cornwall village called Widows Neck. It can be considered to be an authentic antique because it has been around for over a thousand years and has only recently been discovered. Although the item itself is not extremely expensive, it does make a great conversation piece and it has the ability to turn heads wherever it goes.


The pipe is constructed out of iron and there are four long slender pieces that are connected by a central hinge. To make it look authentic the iron is painted with an earth tone color and then the four pieces are welded together. Because the iron is so heavy, the weight of the entire item makes it extremely secure, especially once the four long wires are connected together. Once secured the iron is painted with a clear finish and then an enamel coating is applied to protect the item from rusting. After this process is complete the weed bracelet pipe is ready to use.

People who collect antiques find anything with a certain historical significance to be a valuable addition to their collection. Since the iron pipe comes from an old mining town, it could have significance to the people who lived in the area. Another popular type of antique item is an actual weed wacker. People love to use these items as well because they are just so cute and can add a lot of pizzazz to any garden. Of course the weed bracelet pipe is a very unique piece that is both original and interesting.