Guide to Take Up Winches

take up winchesThere are many applications that require you to take up winches and the most common use is for lifting heavy objects. If you plan on building a shed, then there is a need to have the best winch available in order to lift the heaviest and strongest objects safely and securely. However, most people use them for moving their vehicles. If you plan to buy a winch, you should ensure that it will serve your purpose. There are basically two types of winches available in the market today – electric and gas-powered.

Electric take up winches The most common and the most efficient ones are the hydraulic ones. Hydraulic winches (GTU) or gravity take-up winches (GTO) are basically used for lifting and moving heavier things. Hydraulic winches use power transmission for lifting and moving objects. These are usually attached to belt conveyors which is often used in order to move heavy objects around.

Gas-powered winches The gas-powered ones are capable of lifting and moving heavier items as compared to an electric motor. Gas-powered winches (GTVW) are mainly used when you need to lift heavy objects and move them with power transmission. There is a break between the lifting force and the pull force as the gas generator converts the potential energy into kinetic energy. Gas-powered take-up winches usually come equipped with a limit switch that senses the current load cell or the maximum load cell available in order to regulate the speed at which the generator is operating. This function makes sure that the generator does not exceed the maximum load cell capacity.