WLS For Landscaping

The WLS is an industrial strength, heavy duty, rotary lime spreader. This is a rotary lime spreader that you may see used in the food processing plants or in large scale warehouses. WLS can also be used to clean large facilities, pave roadways, and perform other tasks where a roller conveyor just cannot do it justice. It can quickly and efficiently move large quantities of materials and is more cost effective than most roller conveyors.

Who are tired of heavy duty non-pelletized lime spreaders?

lime spreader

The Wet Lime Spreader (WLSP) for Landscaping is designed for farmers who are tired of heavy duty non-pelletized lime spreaders. WLS is an industrial strength, heavy duty, rotary spreader that is designed for wet or saturated soil application. Unlike a typical fertilizer spreader, the Wet Lime Spreader features a built in compressor and a steep, 53 degree inclined ramp and 4 drop pans to prevent wedging material in the hopper. Although it is designed for wet applications, this versatile equipment can also be used for dry landscape applications. The compact size of the powder coated steel design also makes it economical to transport.

Another great advantage of the Wet Lime Spreader for Landscaping is its ability to control lime for fertilization. In the past, farmers had no option but to apply a heavier neutralizing spray on top of their lightener or neutralizing fertilizer. This caused a significant amount of stress to the environment, especially in rainforests where natural biological cycles reduce the effects of phosphates. Today, with WLS, a farmer can control how much fertilizer is applied by spraying it directly on the soil where the lime had been leached in the rainforest. Instead of just neutralizing the calcium, phosphorous, or potassium in your soil, you can add a beneficial, phosphate buffer that will help to restore and maintain the natural ph levels of your soil and plants.