Carpet Python Snatch

Snake Catcher Noosa

An Australian snake catcher is usually called upon to remove a non-aggressive cat from a residential home in Noosa Heads, Queensland, within the confines of an exclusion zone. While it is not uncommon for snakes to venture into residential homes, experienced snake hunters know that if they have entered an inhabitant’s home they may continue to loiter until they are caught. Snakes will strike at anything that moves, including humans, and often will stick around after a capture to find out the best places for them to hide. This is why it is very important for an experienced snake catcher to always have his or her snake readily at hand to deal with unexpected snake encounters. This is even more true when working in the night, as snakes can often move at nighttime due to poor vision and will often hide in corners, under curtains, behind or underneath furniture, and so on. Read More –

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On this occasion a group of four young women were sleeping over after being visited by their friend Dora, the lion’s head of a deceased pet snake. The women had left the house in the afternoon and arrived home to find it flooded with animal hair, which was unfortunately all that remained of Dora’s pet snake. After removing most of the animal hair and replacing it with a fresh carpet, one of the women noticed a small black figure trapped in the carpet. It was Dora!

The woman immediately called her boyfriend who immediately rushed in and removed the snake. Fortunately the woman was not injured during the incident, but her boyfriend did sustain a cut throat injury to the leg while attempting to drag the carpet python back into the house. Fortunately the python managed to escape despite the attempts of both snake catcher and his friend, and Dora was taken to a hospital. The Python is now safely released back into its habitat. The story of the unlikely hero and his quick thinking will keep renters of the home and homeowners of the home with great nightmares about a carpet python snake catcher.