grass fed beef brisbane

Grass Fed Beef Brisbane is a company in Australia that promotes all natural beef production using environmentally sound methods. Grass Fed beef is produced without the use of chemicals, antibiotics or hormones and on a commercial level it is a blend of Australian and American sourced beef that is free from growth hormone and BSE (mad cow disease) contaminated cattle. You can taste the difference between Grass Fed and other high street brands when you buy Grass Fed Beef Brisbane online. With all the facts in hand it makes sense as to why this is a better choice for consumers.

Grass Fed Beef Brisbane produces high quality, premium beef that has been inspected and meets the strictest Australian standards for food safety. Grass Fed Beef is free from BSE and all Australian approved standards for food safety, including Australian Food Standards, are met. Grass Fed beef can be guaranteed to remain white and tasteless unlike its cattle counterparts. This cuts out the possibility of any unpleasant surprises for consumers.

Consumers will notice that Grass Fed beef has a more moist feel than other cuts of meat. This is because the cattle are allowed to get out into the natural environment and eat what the land has to offer. The beef also matures quicker. The meat is also very healthy, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Grass Fed beef offers consumers everything they have come to expect in beef, with none of the extras.