Menu covers are the very first design aspect that visitors will notice and therefore will affect their overall dining experience at your restaurant. Your Menu Cover should be compelling and worthy of being displayed in your restaurant and help set the mood for your entire restaurant. The classic diner menu design is an excellent example of how a menu without any cover can drive your restaurant’s success. Your menu design is the very first impression for customers on your restaurant, so your menu should be a stand out feature. Without a menu to guide diners, they have no way of determining what food to order from your extensive menu. Not only that, but if you had no menu to drive customers.

How would you even survive in a marketplace with thousands of restaurants?

So, how does the use of your restaurant menu cover design effect your overall branding efforts? As discussed in the branding section of this article, many diners will make their first trip to your restaurant based solely on the menu which is typically located above or next to the bar area at your establishment. If your restaurant’s logo or restaurant name is on the menu, diners will likely remember your restaurant. This not only helps with brand name recognition but also creates a positive image about your business, which is always a good thing to have on your side. Menu covers also help reinforce your restaurant’s branding efforts because every time a customer goes to one of your restaurants, they will most likely have the same menu cover which is usually a white background with your logo or branding.

Menu covers are not only effective in helping to reinforce the image of your company, but they also provide a nice way to ensure your menu displays are not accidentally removed during restaurant cleaning duties! While it is impossible to have your menus and napkins never touch a cutting board or anything else in the restaurant, over time a lot of them will receive various degrees of dirt and debris which may have a negative impact on their appearance. While clear vinyl makes the best choices for restaurant covers because it is the easiest to clean and most sanitary, there are a few other styles that would be equally as effective.