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Best Sex Dating Apps

Despite all of these conveniences, the biggest issue with these apps remains safety. While it’s a given that hookup dating sites draw their legitimacy from being free to use, the apps themselves can be dangerous. Many hookup sites use burner accounts or fake email accounts to hide their true identities, while some use their real names as ways to lure in people who may pose as single women or men. In some cases, people have been attacked or mugged because they were lured by fake profiles on online dating sites. For these reasons alone, it’s important to stay far away from these apps.

That’s not to say that all of the best sex dating apps are completely safe, though. There are a number of reputable sites that use secure data servers to protect your information. Still, even a few high profile predators out there could find themselves on the wrong side of law enforcement if they were to come into contact with your information. As you can see, being cautious is the most important thing, so use your judgement and stick with the safer, more reputable sex dating apps.